Donate Your Bone Marrow

By Rich

I’m going to keep this short. Dave Lewis (@gattaca)’s wife was diagnosed with leukemia yesterday. Dave is one of our Contributing Analysts and a hell of a great guy, and while I haven’t met her, everyone says his wife is even better (seems to be a common trend).

James Arlen (@myrcurial) posted with details over at Liquidmatrix. You may not know this, but Dave’s wife is the second person in our security community suffering from a blood-related disease (the other being Barkode, a fellow Defcon goon).

If you aren’t signed up as a bone marrow donor, do it now. Only 1 in about 540 people in the registry are ever matched, so they need massive numbers.

A lot of people used to tell me how cool it was that I was “saving lives” when I was working fire/rescue/ambulance. Donating your bone marrow is a far more effective and direct way to save someone. I’m not sure I actually saved too many lives in those days, but I do know that if I’m a match the odds are damn high someone will live who nature tried to take out.

Do it. Now.

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As a recent transplant recipient with three close friends also recipients plus a best friend recently diagnosed with leukemia, your post is spot on.  Signing up to be a donor is trivially simple and, as you say, a direct path to saving or vastly improving lives.

Visit for a good source of information on how to donate.

Thanks for your post.

By Betsy

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