Incite 7/27/2016: The 3 As

By Mike Rothman
One of the hardest things for me to realize has been that I don’t control everything. I spent years railing against the machine, and getting upset when nothing changed. Active-minded people (as opposed to passive) believe they make their own opportunities and control their destiny, sometimes by force of will. Over the past few years, I needed a way to handle this reality and not make myself crazy. So I came up with 3 “A” words that make sense to me. The first ‘A’, Acceptance, is very difficult for me because it goes against most of what I believe. When

Summary: News…. and pulling an AMI from Packer and Jenkins

By Rich
Rich here. Before I get into tech content, a quick personal note. I just signed up for my first charity athletic event, and will be riding 250 miles in 3 days to support challenged athletes. I’ve covered the event costs, so all donations go right to the cause. Click here if you are interested in supporting the Challenged Athletes Foundation (and my first attempt at fundraising since I sold lightbulbs for the Boy Scouts. Seriously. Lightbulbs. Really crappy ones which burned out in months, making it very embarrassing to ever hit that neighborhood again. Then again, that probably prepared me for

Managed Security Monitoring: Selecting a Service Provider

By Mike Rothman
Based on the discussion in our first post, you have decided to move toward a managed security monitoring service. Awesome! That was the easy part. Now you need to figure out what kind of deployment model makes sense, and then do the hard work of actually selecting the best service provider for you. That’s an important distinction to get straight up front. Vendor selection is about your organization. We know it can be easier to just go with a brand name. Or a name in the right quadrant to pacify senior management. Or the cheapest option. But none of

Building a Threat Intelligence Program [New Paper]

By Mike Rothman
Threat Intelligence has made a significant difference in how organizations focus resources on their most significant risks. Yet far too many organizations continue to focus on very tactical use cases for external threat data. These help, but they underutilizing the intelligence’s capabilities and potential. The time has come to advance threat intelligence into the broader and more structured TI program to ensure systematic, consistent, and repeatable value. A program must account for ongoing attack indicator changes and keep up with evolution in adversaries’ tactics. Our Building a Threat Intelligence Program paper offers guidance for designing a program and systematically

Incite 6/29/16: Gone Fishin’ (Proverbially)

By Mike Rothman
It was a great Incite. I wrote it on the flight to Europe for the second leg of my summer vacation. I said magical stuff. Such depth and perspective, I even amazed myself. When I got to the hotel in Florence and went to post the Incite on the blog, it was gone. That’s right: G. O. N. E. And it’s not going to return. I was sore for a second. But I looked at Mira (she’s the new love I mentioned in a recent Incite) and smiled. I walked outside our hotel and saw the masses

Managed Security Monitoring: Use Cases

By Mike Rothman
Many security professionals feel the deck is stacked against them. Adversaries continue to improve their techniques, aided by plentiful malware kits and botnet infrastructures. Continued digitization at pretty much every enterprise means everything of interest in on some system somewhere. Don’t forget the double whammy of mobile and cloud, which democratizes access without geographic boundaries, and takes the one bastion of control, the traditional data center, out of your direct control. Are we having fun yet? Of course the news isn’t all bad – security has become very high profile. Getting attention and resources can sometimes be a little

Summary: Modifying rsyslog to Add Cloud Instance Metadata

By Rich
Rich here. Quick note: I basically wrote an entire technical post for Tool of the Week, so feel free to skip down if that’s why you’re reading. Ah, summer. As someone who works at home and has children, I’m learning the pains of summer break. Sure, it’s a wonderful time without homework fights and after-school activities, but it also means all 5 of us in the house nearly every day. It’s a bit distracting. I mean do you have any idea how to tell a 3-year-old you cannot ditch work to play Disney Infinity on the

Shining a Light on Shadow Devices [New Paper]

By Mike Rothman
Visible devices are only some of the network-connected devices in your environment. There are hundreds, quite possibly thousands, of other devices you don’t know about on your network. You don’t scan them periodically, and you have no idea of their security posture. Each one can be attacked, and might provide an adversary with opportunity to gain presence in your environment. Your attack surface is much larger than you thought. In our Shining a Light on Shadow Devices paper, we discuss the attacks on these devices which can become an issue on your network, along with some tactics to

Understanding and Selecting RASP: Buyers Guide

By Adrian Lane
Before we jump into today’s post, we want to thank Immunio for expressing interest in licensing this content. This type of support enables us to bring quality research to you, free of charge. If you are interested in licensing this Securosis research as well, please let us know. And we want to thank all of you who have been commenting throughout this series – we have received many good comments and questions. We have in fact edited most of the posts to integrate your feedback, and added new sections to address your questions. This research is certainly better for it!

Getting the SWIFT Boot

By Mike Rothman
As long as I have been in security and following the markets, I have observed that no one says security is unimportant. Not out loud, anyway. But their actions usually show a different view. Maybe there is a little more funding. Maybe somewhat better visibility at the board level. But mostly security gets a lot of lip service. In other words, security doesn’t matter. Until it does. The international interbank payment system called SWIFT has successfully been hit multiple times by hackers, and a few other attempts have been foiled. Now they are going to start turning the screws
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