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Web, Email, and Data Portal Security

Last Updated: Monday, October 19, 2009

This research page covers web filtering as well as email security and anti-spam options. The email security market, like the web gateway market, is one of the most saturated and commoditized in the security industry. As with firewalls and anti-virus (on Windows), it is essentially impossible to do business without these tools. And to no one’s surprise we see continued convergence of these threat protection products; in some cases, it’s merely mergers and acquisitions to provide two separate products from the same vendor, but in other cases we see combined solutions – often in an attempt to displace point products. As many of the site-managed solutions also offer gateway and secure data exchange services, we will cover that here as well.

The intended audience for this page is those interested in security products for their business, to keep their users’ inboxes free of spam, and ensure Internet browsing stays within company policy. In the past we would just have said ‘porn’, as that is why many of these platforms are purchased. In reality there are many other security and compliance uses for these technologies, which are as least as important.

Papers and Posts

If you are just getting started, we recommend you read the following blog posts and papers in order. (In keeping with our Totally Transparent Research policy, for sponsored papers we also link to the original blog posts so you can see how the content was developed, and all public comments).

  1. Barracuda Networks Acquires Purewire
  2. McAfee Acquires MX Logic
  3. The Symantec acquisition of MessageLabs demonstrates that the battle for this fully commoditized market is not over.
  4. Marshal8e6 Buys Avinti, and how the smaller vendors need to innovate and re-position their technologies to compete.

General Coverage

  1. The First Phishing Email I Almost Fell For
  2. I Heart Creative Spam
  3. Spam Levels and Anti-Spam SaaS.
  4. Hackers 1, Marketing 0.


PDF versions of presentations (when available) may also be useful, although they don’t include any audio (for any audio/video, please see the next section).

Podcasts, Webcasts and Multimedia

We do not currently have any multimedia for this topic.


The following is just an alphabetized and categorized list of vendors and products in this area (including any free tools we are aware of). It does not imply endorsement, and is meant to assist you should you start looking for tools. Please email if you have any additions or corrections.


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